Allstar operates Xerox Docutechs for high speed, high quality black and white print:

bullet Technical Manuals bullet Training workbooks
bullet Proposals bullet Reports
bullet Catalogues bullet Product Manuals
bullet Conference Proceedings bullet Books
bullet Digital Files  


Submitting data on disk, via email or ftp site is quick, convenient and gives excellent print quality even on half-tones and photographs.


Proofing. This eliminates risks for you – and for us! You can ensure that layout, punctuation, spelling, typeface, image quality and colour accuracy come out exactly as you want them.


Document storage. Take advantage of digital print, talk to us about how you can save on storage costs and eliminate obsolescence by moving towards "print-on-demand".


Once we have printed your job we can store the document in our electronic archive for quick and convenient retrieval for re-printing.


Print on demand. By printing just the amount that you need you can – reduce stock levels – resulting in less money tied up, less space used and reduced obsolescence.


Short lead times – we can often produce a job at very short notice to help you with all those emergencies.


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