Print has been with us for thousands of years and people love to have a piece of paper in their hands, to experience the thrill of touching and holding something that is printed beautifully. There is still nothing to supplant digital offset printing in the commercial printing space for matching the look and feel of offset litho quality.

Digital printing is generally considered to be greener than the litho alternative, this is in a large part due the fact there is less wastage because print on demand reduces the cases of redundant print stock. It scores well too in using less power per A4 page than a four-colour litho press. Additionally, most of the press suppliers such as HP and Xerox are very good at recycling used parts and consumables.

More than 95% of the paper that Allstar uses is produced through a chlorine free process utilizing pulp from sustainable forests. We know this because we use paper from suppliers who are accredited with both FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® and PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. Many of the mills that produce the paper we use are already certified Carbon Neutral while the others soon will be.

HP Indigo Certified Papers features media that meet a range of industry standards, including Chain of Custody, FSC®, SFI, PEFC, Carbon Neutral and Recycled Papers. More than 20 suppliers of HP Indigo Certified media are aligned to these requirements as they work to meet the global need for energy conservation, ethical use of fibres and forestry and clean water emissions.


Our Credentials:


FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)®
We are proud to be an FSC® certified, eco-friendly printer.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)® was launched in 1993 in response to public concern about deforestation in the tropics and the need for a scheme to identify ethically produced timber and good forest management. The FSC® sets international standards for responsible forest management and also accredits independent third party organisations to certify its forest managers and forest product producers to FSC® standards.


The scheme was established to provide an assurance mechanism to print buyers that they are purchasing stock from sustainable, well-managed forests Certification with FSC® ensures a “chain of custody” through which the end paper product can be traced back to its source.


It is Allstar policy, whenever possible, to purchase paper products originating from forests independently certified as well-managed. This in turn gives you, our customer, an opportunity to demonstrate commitment, to sustainability and environment, to your end audience by having FSC® logo included on your printed products.