It is a never ending task for school: How to raise additional funds in order to further aid students learning, improve school facility, treat students to days out and in-class experiences?

At Allstar, we are all parents with children in education  therefore, the subject of school fundraising is close to our heart.

We do not tend to offer off-the-shelf products and prices but instead work closely with PTAs to understand their budgets, ideas they are considering and time resources they have available to make the project happen. We then tailor an offer to their specific needs, present them with options and ultimately work with them on the project to ensure the result is a success.

Opting for a printed fundraising product means that creativity is involved which further leads to getting students themselves involved in the project and be part of it. Often the students have already done  number of creative topics in their lessons and it is now only a matter of turning these ready resources into a fabulous fundraising product. 

Ellipse 6

Think about a year group Poetry Book – as part of their curriculum, children study poetry and are asked to write a poem. Can you imagine the pride on their faces when their poem gets published in a school poetry book?! 

Short Stories Book – again, learning to write a short story is part of children’s learning. Wouldn’t it be great to put these stories in a book format? Parents and grandparent’s would be beaming with pride becoming owners of such precious editions.

What about a Cookery Book? Full of favourite recipes from each child’s home. These are so popular!

And then there are Calendars, with children’s artwork or photos of their pets. All you need is an image or few for each of the 12 months, and we will do the rest. Simple. And very effective!

Christmas or Easter Card Packs designed by children.

There are so many possibilities and the beauty of a printed fundraising product is it makes an amazing keepsake!

Contact us today if you are in a search for a fundraising idea.