Our Services

Over the years we have built a great expertise in what we do and also how to do things best. The foundations of this expertise are our highly skilled and experienced team and the extensive in-house print and finishing solutions at our Harrow factory.

Our continuous focus is to satisfy our customers needs and exceed their expectations. This is what drives us forward. It is with our customers in mind that we continuously invest in modern print and finishing technology and web2print software solutions. 

In fact the direction of our expansion is often driven by our customers. Number of times in the past, their creative ideas have lead to us developing custom solutions to make these ideas a reality. This is what we believe makes us very different from other print companies and allows us to stand out from the print crowd. 

And when need to use external help to fulfill some of our customers needs, we reach out to one of our trustworthy business partners to use their expertise. 


Our very first orders, back in the 80s were books, computer user manuals and handbooks. So, document binding has been with us from the very beginning and it has evolved and developed over the years to a very impressive binding facility - all done under one roof.

​We have the equipment to offer:
- Perfect Binding with soft cover​
- Hardback binding with laminated, leatherette or cloth covers​
- Stitch folding​ ​
- Wire-o and spiral binding​
- Ring binders​


With a variety of print engines at our factory, ranging from state of the art HP Indigo press, offering the highest possible quality of digital print, through to IGEN150 where high resolution print meets the advantages of the XXL sheet size (660mm x 364mm), to number of smaller Xerox colour presses and our freshly upgraded Nuvera 144 mono press, we are confident that whatever your need we have the right print solution for you!

Digital print is ideal for short run printing, when you require 1-2000 copies.

Time critical jobs​ -Print on demand - Personalisation - Proofing​


Whether you need a full design from your brief, cover design for your document, a book laying out or a touch up of an existing artwork, we can help you achieve your vision.

Our experienced designers are at hand to discuss your ideas and requirements.


Almost always, our customers' print projects require further finishing, beyond just cutting to the finished size.

Due to the nature of the projects our customers assign us with, over the many years we have developed very extensive in-house print finishing lines. Our print finishing services come with over 35 years of experience which is supported by advanced equipment.

Our finishing services include:​

​Gloss, Matt or Soft Touch Lamination​ - Creasing​ & Folding - Perforating​ - ​Foil Blocking Blind blocking - Collation & Insertion - Hand finishing - Guillotining - Drilling - Endpapering - Poly-bagging - Heat Sealing - Shrink Wrapping


Using advanced variable data software we can personalise multiple parts of your documents for better, more effective marketing of your products and services.​

With over 35 years of experience in digital print we can handle the most complex of personalisation tasks. We can personalise everything from images and text to barcodes.


We can hold your artwork files in our archive for up to 18 months from the last print,​ ready for easy re-printing.​We also have a facility to store your printed items for a later call off.​

We take great care when packing your documents so that they arrive safely. We use double wall boxes and packing fillers for extra protection.

​In addition to our standard same day and next day delivery service we offer:​
Timed deliveries​ - Shipping abroad - Deliveries on pallets - Direct Mail​


Digital large format printing is the ideal way to benefit from full colour graphics even for one off’s and short runs. This can be on various materials – paper or vinyl PVC - for internal and external application.

Great for advertising your products, services or company, anywhere, from inside a warehouse to the front reception of an office or a school.

Large format print expands your opportunity to make contact with your audience.

We offer:
Posters A2 + - Indoor and outdoor Banners - Flags​ - Pop Up Stands - Roll Up Banners - Mounted Boards


There are situations when it is more economical to have the documents litho printed. The lead times are longer compared with digital print, but if the quantity required is in many thousands, and the document consists of few pages this may be the best print solution.

Perfect solution for:

Pantone colour matching - ​Large Volume Print - Direct Marketing​