School Leavers

Reaching the end of the final year at school – be it pre-school, primary school, secondary or Collage – definitely counts as a milestone. And it is the precious time spent there, experiences, friendships that we want to remember. In later years we find ourselves often reminisce about our school days and revel in all the good we managed to accomplish and experience.

School Leavers look forward to celebrating their time at school and search for a keepsake that would bring back the memories and nostalgia in years to come. 

For the last 15 years we have been helping students, teachers and parents achieve just that!

Our Yearbooks, Leavers Hoodies and Autograph books make a fantastic keepsakes!

Contact our team to discuss your needs.

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Yearbooks are fabulous keepsake from your time at school, with pages filled with students’ profiles; often detailing their best school moments, messages from the teachers, picture collages from the time at school and trips away. This is a book to be treasured for a lifetime. 

Here at Allstar we make it super easy for you to create one!

What if we told you you don’t need a design software or a professional designer to create a stunning Yearbook?


Work with us and we will make the process super easy for you:

We give you a free access to our online AllstarPhoto Yearbook Editor, where you can choose one of the pre-designed Styles, yet completely customisable.

Would you rather have someone do all the work of putting the Yearbook together? Give us a design brief, all text and photos and we will design the yearbook for you.

Or perhaps you have ready designed your yearbook and only need a professional print and binding service. Send us your artwork and we will turn it into a stunning Yearbook

Team up with our designers and share the workload. We call this a Hybrid Design Service.

Choose from 3 different finishes:

Check out our Info Pack for more details and yearbook ideas.

You can also request a hardcopy Info Pack to be sent to you by filling in our

You can request a hardback or a softback cover version. Each Info Pack is printed and finished to the same standard as our yearbooks.


​Leavers Hoodies & T-shirts​

Every year, come spring, these vibrant statement hoodies can be spotted worn with pride by School Leavers. Branded with school logo  – printed or embroidered – and with fun leavers design on the back, they definitely draw attention!

You can have multiple sizes, hoodie colours and print colours within one order. 

​Autograph Books​

Perfect for last minute arrangements, mini books with a name and photo of each student and a space for a signature or a message. Give us a brief and we will create one for you.



Writing your dissertation is hard work so, we want to make the process of printing it as stress free as possible. We offer a variety of binding options:

  • Wire-o bound
  • Perfect bound with softback cover
  • Hardback bound with laminated cover
  • Hardback bound with leatherette covers and foil blocking
  • You can have your work printed in Black & White or colour.
  • We are very flexible with our lead times.